Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Day in My Life:

5am: nursing!, snack for me
7:30: nursing!, get dressed, get Adelaide dressed, eat breakfast
9am: nursing!
10am: nursing!
11: nursing!, lunch
1pm: nursing!, photo with UAF Mascot, playdate
3: nursing!, make dinner
5: nursing!, eat dinner
6: nursing!, walk
7: nursing!
9: nursing!
11: nursing!

Each nursing goes like this:
  • change diaper
  • nurse
  • burp
  • change diaper
  • nurse
  • burp
  • change diaper
  • change diaper
  • put Adelaide to sleep
and it usually takes at least 40 minutes.

All of this is pretty flexible, and changes regularly, but this is the rough outline.

Here's a weekly schedule:
Sunday: breakfast date, church, bible study
Monday: work, playdate in the afternoon
Tuesday: weigh in for Adelaide
Wednesday: moms' bible study, ministry group, our anniversary
Thursday: playdate in the morning
Friday: work, Aaron's poetry reading
Saturday: work

Plus, up until this week I had a weekly appointment with the lactation consultant and another weekly appointment with my midwife.

Monthly Schedule:
Week 1:
Week 2: LLL mtg
Week 3: My Dr. appt, 40 Below
Week 4: Adelaide's Dr. appt.

I should get a wall calendar.

How can I love my life so much? It's busy and complicated and tricky. I have no time for myself, I'm tired and achy, I don't know many people nearby, and my husband is OBSESSED with his classwork. I haven't read my bible in ages, but now that Adelaide has started sleeping in the Moby wrap I can do that. I can also start editing all the pictures I've taken of her. I'm really excited to start exercising too, but that will probably have to start more slowly than I would prefer; the walking is probably plenty for now.

I should really get a wall calendar.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Schedule

I was very against the idea of putting Adelaide on a schedule because she's going to be hungry whenever she's hungry anyway, and between feedings and diapers on demand naps will just have to fit in wherever there's room. What resulted was a feeding frenzy because I was feeding her when she was not hungry but tired.

On the advice of two people trying to help me get her weight up, we've decided to try feeding her every two hours, whether she's hungry or not. Even though this should have resulted in spacing out her feedings, we thought she might be able to keep more down and nursing might go better if I have more time to heal in between.

Worked like a charm. She's gaining lots of weight, sleeping well, and I'm feeling a LOT better. Plus, our nursing sessions are a lot shorter because she can get more from me much more efficiently.

Over the last 6 days she gained 7 oz, and we'll weigh her again tomorrow to make sure she's getting weighed weekly on the same scale.

For now, we're off to bed. I have lots of laundry to sort and put away and precious little sleeping baby time to do it. This really is the best. BEST.