Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Day in My Life:

5am: nursing!, snack for me
7:30: nursing!, get dressed, get Adelaide dressed, eat breakfast
9am: nursing!
10am: nursing!
11: nursing!, lunch
1pm: nursing!, photo with UAF Mascot, playdate
3: nursing!, make dinner
5: nursing!, eat dinner
6: nursing!, walk
7: nursing!
9: nursing!
11: nursing!

Each nursing goes like this:
  • change diaper
  • nurse
  • burp
  • change diaper
  • nurse
  • burp
  • change diaper
  • change diaper
  • put Adelaide to sleep
and it usually takes at least 40 minutes.

All of this is pretty flexible, and changes regularly, but this is the rough outline.

Here's a weekly schedule:
Sunday: breakfast date, church, bible study
Monday: work, playdate in the afternoon
Tuesday: weigh in for Adelaide
Wednesday: moms' bible study, ministry group, our anniversary
Thursday: playdate in the morning
Friday: work, Aaron's poetry reading
Saturday: work

Plus, up until this week I had a weekly appointment with the lactation consultant and another weekly appointment with my midwife.

Monthly Schedule:
Week 1:
Week 2: LLL mtg
Week 3: My Dr. appt, 40 Below
Week 4: Adelaide's Dr. appt.

I should get a wall calendar.

How can I love my life so much? It's busy and complicated and tricky. I have no time for myself, I'm tired and achy, I don't know many people nearby, and my husband is OBSESSED with his classwork. I haven't read my bible in ages, but now that Adelaide has started sleeping in the Moby wrap I can do that. I can also start editing all the pictures I've taken of her. I'm really excited to start exercising too, but that will probably have to start more slowly than I would prefer; the walking is probably plenty for now.

I should really get a wall calendar.

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  1. does she sleep between 11pm and 5am? you are one amazing family! You rock Can't wait to see more pics and see you for real at christmas!!!!!