Thursday, July 30, 2009


The History Channel just told me that the average American drinks 555 cans of soda per year, which is about a gallon per week, and a little over 50 gallons per year. That is disgusting.

We're trying to calibrate Nanook's palate to not like soda. With any luck, she'll like real food, water, and stuff that isn't so disgustingly sweet.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Full term

In about 8 days, this pregnancy will be considered full term. I'll be 37 weeks pregnant, and at that point I can deliver at any time. (Hallelujah)

It's so, so close. I can't believe it.

Statistically, she's much more likely to hang out in there for 6 more weeks, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. We'll see.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sarah Palin + The Daily Show + my day off = I napped on the couch.

I am a failure. There was something for everyone, and I slept the afternoon away. I'm so disappointed in myself. We went to the park a few hours later for a company picnic. We went AFTER the hoopla. AFTER the Daily Show, AFTER my chance to watch a Daily Show correspondent harass the media.

I'm pretty sure I'll never be forgiven for this.
When Person A lies to Person B, and I know about the lie, I feel obligated to clarify and tell Person B that he or she is being lied to. If I don't, I feel complicit in the lie.

If, however, I do explain the lie, I look like I'm starting/stirring/adding to drama. Or tattling. Or something. And it doesn't look good.

Complicit liar or agitator? Not good options.

On the upside, this has basically been the best day ever. We have a home. It's fantastic. Great porch (very 'Alaska'), open first floor, big windows, an arctic entryway (known in the midwest as a mudroom), counterspace in the kitchen (a first for us), cabinet space in the kitchen (again, a first), lots of closets, brand new carpet, fresh paint (we currently have all the doors and windows open trying to air it out), a great room to share with Nanook, a great space to birth in, and a WASHER and DRYER! That's right, no more quarter stashing for us! We have our own washer and dryer. And we didn't even have to buy them. We win.

The porch looks out through some very tall trees to a big open field, and there's a playground about 50 feet from our door. Picnic tables abound, and next to most doors are kids bikes and little red wagons. This is definitely family housing. Oh, it's also dirt cheap. Score.

Did I mention we now have cable? The whole time we've been married, we've been too cheap to pay for cable. After a few months, we realized how glad we were NOT to be indebted to the boob tube and how much we enjoy doing other things. Any other things. Just not sitting watching TV. I'm a little nervous that the temptation might be too much, and we'll just sit here day in and day out staring at it.

I'm going to go keep working on the crib, sorting baby stuff, washing diapers, and letting my nesting instinct go crazy. After holding it in for nearly 9 months, it feels GOOD to let go.
I should be asleep. I know. But I'm so excited about finally having a home tomorrow. We haven't had a real home since April. Not a real, real one. I'm very grateful to have been able to stay with Z&L, but it wasn't 'ours', and then there was the move, and the hostel, and then this cruddy little place that was always meant to be temporary at best.

Tomorrow we have a home.

And a washer and dryer, so I can finally wash all the wonderful baby things I've been accumulating, and wash all the diapers I'll be buying tomorrow. I'm so, so excited. I'll finally feel like we're ready for her, like we're doing all the things we should be doing to be ready for her.

A to-do list:
  • set up the crib against our bed
  • adjust the mattress to match ours in height
  • wash baby clothes, organize by size
  • figure out where I want to put them and get them tucked away
  • buy diapers from craig's
  • buy diapers from Blueberry Baby
  • wash all my diapers
  • make changing pad
  • organize diaper stash near changer
  • buy batteries for monitor, swing, glider chair
Then I have to get my sewing machine going correctly and I can go nuts making sheets and curtains and covers for the changing pad. I also need to finish my moby wrap and make a diaper roll.

Sometimes when Nanook moves, it feels like being so nervous I want to be sick. I'm not nervous, and I know that in my head, but my physical sensations tell me otherwise.

I can't believe we're finally moving tomorrow. We've been waiting so long.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

A day in my life, and why the internet is important for first time preggos

4:30am - Wake up hungry, get up to eat
5:00am - Back to bed
5:30am - Wake up, read
6:00am - Work
4pm - (or sooner) finish working, nap
7pm - Hubby's home, dinner, Monopoly or Scrabble Apple
10pm - Bed

My whole day is a cycle of naps and food. On days that I can break from work and fit in an extra round of sleeping and eating I do.

I highly recommend the internet for anyone pregnant. Especially first timers. Enough weird things happen during pregnancy that having access to many, many women and their experiences becomes of incalculable value. And some of the oddities are disgusting, personal, and not something you want to admit to out loud right away.

For instance, let's just say that during your first pregnancy you experience something that more than half of pregnant women experience: a hemorrhoid. Let's just say that you'd never really thought of hemorrhoids before and assumed they must be painful and protruding (why else would old people sit on those donut pillows and blame it on hemorrhoids?). And let's just say that your condition presented itself rather differently. By being only blood on your toilet tissue as you wipe. Bright, red, fresh blood. 6 months ago you'd have broken down in tears thinking you'd lost the embryo and that the pregnancy was over. Now, you can feel the baby kicking but can't deny that blood usually demands to be taken seriously. How else would you go about diagnosing yourself? Without the internet, you'd have to look someone in the eye and ask if they'd ever had painless blood leaking from their bum, and it would be awkward. In today's world, you either google your symptoms or post to a message board. I enjoy the message boards, because I enjoy the simple, straightforward suggestions from other people for dealing with my ever changing body.

But I am not enjoying my very first hemorrhoid.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

To work or not to work. . .

The itching was bad this morning. So bad that I had to get up. So I did. I tried to sleep, I'm very tired, but it wasn't gonna happen. Stupid itchy bumps.

And the sooner I start work, the sooner we will finish, but no one else is going to start for another hour.

Maybe I should try sleeping again. I'm so tired. Getting up 5 or 6 times per night to pee will do that to you.

We move on Monday. Really, we move beginning on Monday, we're excited. It will be nice to finally be in something final. Not permanent exactly, but it's where we're planning on living for the next 3 years. I can finally wash all the baby clothes and buy diapers and wash/ready those, set up the crib against our bed and spend hours dreaming about putting the babe in there.

We had wanted to paint one wall in the baby's room, but instead I might get some purple painter's tape and make one wall a mural from Harold and the Purple Crayon. It's a very, very cute book, and it would be so easy and fun to do. We'll see.

Enough stalling, I'm laying down for a few minutes before I work. Oh sleep, how I miss you.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A conversation I had with an Alaskan before we moved:
me: I'm really surprised that your state health insurance covers homebirths. That's usually so hard to get covered by anyone, let alone such a conservative legislature.
Alaskan: Oh our lawmakers do what we tell them to. It helps that we have guns.

I'm paraphrasing (obviously), and summing up a few comments into one. But I can't help but imagine a group of hippies standing outside a congressional building with guns daring the lawmakers to come out. Can you just see some poor junior representative being sent outside to see if the new copy of the bill is up to snuff?

That, my friends, is democracy. When your lawmakers fear you.

Oh Alaska.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dropping the baby.

So I think Nanook may have dropped. Here's my evidence:

1. My belly has changed shape. More as a whole than usual. When she moves, it changes shape in specific, definable, temporary ways. Right now my belly is oblong, and up until a day or two ago it was very much round and spherical. All the stuff from up top seems lower. Except when I sit. Everything still gets pushed up when I sit.
2. Other people are noticing. And telling me that I'm going to have her any day because I've dropped. People I've never met before. I'm not sure how they know that something's changed.
3. I have to go to the bathroom a LOT more. Again, I'm baffled by how this is possible, but lo and behold the impossible made real.
4. My bump seems to tie in much lower than it used to. [side note: I'm not sure any one uses the term 'tie in' in this context outside of horse judging. It refers to the way one part of a body meets the other part. As in: "that horses neck ties in really high" meaning the horse's neck should meet the chest further down than it does.]

What would this mean if the dropping has happened? Well, it would mean that Nanook is going to be born. At some point. Not news. For some women, this happens during labor or just before, for first time moms it usually means I have some time left. Maybe 2-4 weeks. I hope we have at least 2 weeks left. As much as I'd like to be done with the itching, she's not fully cooked yet, and the longer she stays in there, the bigger her brain will get, the fatter her little arms and legs will get, and the better her chances of being strong and healthy.

She's currently pushing her buns up against and past my ribs to show me how strong she is. Apparently, she's got all the muscle tone she needs.

Also, an activity equally interesting and sad is to go to a neighborhood park and listen to kids talk to each other. You'll learn so much about the home life of each child. Kids in low income neighborhoods (like where we're living, a public housing complex is a block away) get yelled at. A lot. "If you do that I'll kill you" came up more than once. And I don't believe for a second that kids model language from movies more than the language from their parents. Unless their parents aren't speaking to them, in which case they have no choice. Maybe it's good for me though. Reminds me what I'm going to be working on. What's so important. Loving my kid, and proving it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Shirt, Nasty Rash, Forest Fire

The airport here is just BARELY outside of town. If you ever come to visit, you don't have to call me when your plane lands, I can hear it come down.

I got a great new shirt at Old Navy, and I feel amazing in it. Which is good because my itchy little red bumps turned out to be PUPPS, which is a rash that drives women to the point of begging for an induction just to make the itching stop. Other women beg for a sleeping pill because the itching robs them of sleep. Oddly enough 70% of women with this rash give birth to boys. Maybe Nanook is a he after all!

Also, my friends have GREAT taste in children's books.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

So cute!

Birth Class

We had the birth class today!

Turns out, we're both saps and cried when we watched the video. We were the only ones crying. But it was all so incredible. Watching those women do what they did and knowing how close I am to doing that as well, and what comes after. . .

The class was good. I figured it would probably answer all the questions I had about procedures and I was right. Maybe it's because these are Alaskans treating Alaskans, but I can definitely see a difference even between this birth center and the last. These midwives give us all kinds of information on every decision to be made, where to get even more info, how they think about each side of the argument, and then let us decide what to do. We can refuse ANYthing, and ANY time, for ANY reason. And if we have to transfer, they come with us to the hospital and take charge of implementing the birth plan as much as possible. We can choose whether we want a homebirth or birth center birth, and they are happy to meet us wherever. And the two women who do the homebirths are my favorite midwife (so far) and the first women I spoke to when I called from Denver who was so wonderful. I've only spoken to her one other time, but I really liked her. It's very likely that both will be there. It's awesome to feel like I have so much to offer this process, and to offer my baby, my family, and myself. With no other care provider have I felt so trusted to competently make the decisions that are best for my family.

I'll be full term three weeks from yesterday. In just under three weeks, we're set to go. We're going to start some herbs and possibly some other things "in preparation", but I'm inclined to go for the gusto and start trying to get labor going as quickly as possible. I'm ready to meet her. I'm ready to mother her and I'm ready for labor. I will probably not try much from 37-38 weeks, and our attempts will likely be halfhearted until closer to 40, but after 40, I'm pushing for it. If she could come a little early we would both really appreciate fewer scheduling conflicts, but we've made arrangements to have all other obligations wait until a week or two after she comes, whenever that is.

I had a few BH contractions today. Minor, mild and spread out throughout the class and this evening, but there they were. Makes me think that this is really happening. To me. Soon.


Trying to be sensitive

I don't want to be insensitive, but I am getting really excited for this baby. With so many friends who've lost babies, I'm trying to keep it low-key on FB, at least for the time being.

But tomorrow is the birth class!! I'm so excited! This is really happening, to me, very soon. Nanook could be here safely in as few as three weeks. Three weeks! I have nearly everything we need for her, but we still need to get our birth supplies (and figure out what all we're going to need for that anyway) and post partum stuff. I think I'll be taking input and advice on that pretty soon.

We move into our new place on the 27th, so I've started planning out how I want to arrange our beds, what color I want to paint, where we'll set up random baby gear (swing, glider, etc), and where we'll set up our birthing space.

Hubby still isn't 100% signed on to the homebirth. He CERTAINLY doesn't want anything to do with the hosp, but in his mind the birth center feels safer. There's really no difference in safety, and he readily admits that, so it's strictly a visceral thing, but it's there nonetheless. He has, however, admitted that my gut feeling is a teensy bit more important than his when it comes to this, so I get to make the final call. And I call: homebirth.

This is happening soon. Soon she'll come out and visit. I really have to stop thinking about the three week minimum though because she's much more likely to come in 7 weeks. Still, that's soon, and I have a lot to do.

I've been waiting this WHOLE pregnancy to move into this dumb apartment and once we finally do, I'll probably be way too tired to do everything I want to. Ah well. Maybe I'll ask to work fewer hours so I can nest more.

I'm going to try to sleep again. Now that it's finally dark(-ish), maybe I can get back to sleep. I was sleeping wonderfully and then the smoke alarm started going off. Mirus eventually had to go get a new battery (made it to the store just before it closed) and by the time we got it to shut up I was wide awake. It was just too light out to sleep. But, for the first time since we moved up here, it's too dark to read outside. It's like a real nighttime!

Something tells me that in about 6 months, I'll hate the darkness.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


I'm suddenly very aware of how whole I am with Nanook right where she is. I'm excited to play with her and have her outside where I can see her, but I anticipate a very real ache once she's separated from me. And I don't mean separated by proximity, like we're apart for a day, I mean not physically connected to me. I like having her here, completely connected with me, and as much as I want to have her on the outside, I will miss her. Very much.

And so I feel no guilt about enjoying every second of her life on the inside. I don't care what priorities get missed or neglected, none outrank her so none of those obligations seem even remotely important.

Oh Nanook.


I just realized how truly blessed I am. A few days of rain have really cooled the temperature this morning, so I'm working (writing) under a fleece blanket on the couch. And I'm suddenly struck by the fact that this is how I'll spend my winter. My first long, cold, Alaskan winter under a comfy blanket with my daughter on my chest, writing. I may not be writing anything interesting or entertaining, but I'm spending every minute with her. I'll be able to wrap her so that her little head is right under my chin and I'll be able to feel her so close to me all day. How incredible.

Come thou fount of every blessing
Tune my heart to sing thy grace
Streams of mercy, never ceasing
Call for songs of loudest praise
Teach me some melodious sonnet
Sung by flaming tongues above
Praise the mount I'm fixed upon it
Mount of thy unchanging love

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Binky the Polar Bear

Binky the Polar bear is an Alaskan Legend. He was orphaned and brought to the Alaskan zoo as a cub, and grew to be a local favorite. Then, a tourist decided to get a closer photo op, and after climbing all the safety rails, Binky nailed her and stole her shoe. He carried it around in his mouth, and it was a few days before zookeepers could get it from him. They, apparently, were less willing to get close to him than the tourist had been. Go figure. Here's the video of her attack:

Now here's the best part. Today, at the thrift store, I found a children's book of this story. No joke.

Incredible. I so bought this book. What's that you say? You have a children's book about bad decisions and polar bear attack? It even covers the Alaskan tendency to enjoy watching people be viciously punished for their mistakes? Yes, please! Hilarious. God, I love Alaska.

'discovered' forest fire

In Alaska, there are forest fires. This makes sense, Alaska has a lot of forest. What is harder to understand, is that sometimes the forest fire is very large (by the standards established in my mind from other states) before it is found.

Don't believe me? Read it for yourself in our local paper.

This is what we saw from our campsite looking up at just after midnight o'clock. Blue sky. 22 days AFTER the summer solstice. This is 10 minutes after the official sunset of 12:01. Oh, Alaska, how I love you (so far).

Camping was mostly good, though the mosquitoes REALLY like my preggo blood. Mirus was standing behind me trying to wipe them all off my back and butt even after we used copious amounts of bug spray. I wasn't thrilled about using the bug spray to begin with because I've been trying to avoid weird chemicals while I'm building the baby. We ended up leaving a night early. We tried camping, we tried hiking, the bugs were just way too bad, so we threw in the towel, ran up the white flag, and came home to play video games and sleep.

Another prenatal appt. today. Still measuring just where she should be, and everything still looks perfect. Walking is not a recommended exercise right now because the wildfires have decreased the air quality so much (apparently the smoke has no where else to go) so I'm going to keep on the hunt for a giant swimsuit. I suppose that sentance make it sound like I've really been looking, when I've really only been looking while it's convenient. Anyway. Nanook had a great sleeping heart rate of about 130ish, then it climbed up to the 140's when we started papating and measuring and doing all that stuff. She generally prefers to be left alone, but we generally prefer to check on her. Today, we won.

Still loving the midwives and birth center so, so much. I'm so glad to be there and not with an OB. I love their approach, and I love feeling like I'm participating in this instead of receiving care. They know me, they know my husband, they know our baby. They know our norms, they check in on us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Having a baby is not simply a high-risk medical endevour, it's a normal, huge, life changing event that lasts (seemingly) forever. Pregnancy is just so different from any other health-related issue I've ever experienced, so it's nice to get a different kind of care. And to be welcomed as important in the process and not secondary to the OB. Our birthing class is this Saturday, and we're pretty psyched. Gotta learn how to evict this squatter! The womb-gnome has got to go! Well, not just yet, but soon.

I have discovered that I have a HUGE list of books I want to buy for Nanook. Now I am trying to figure out a way to get other people to buy them for her (us, me, whatever). We've already had our shower, now I'm just being greedy. But my dear husband might 'shit a brick' (to use the parlance of our times) if I buy all the books I want. There are, um, several. dozen. What do you expect? I grow up with an amazing woman who read to me ALL THE TIME, and then I worked as a literacy tutor in an elementary school. I have a LOT of favorite children's books. And the one piece of furniture I felt compelled to buy for Nanook was a bookshelf. I really wasn't sure that a crib was as necessary as a bookshelf.

I found the bookshelf that I want too. Once we move in to the new place and get set up I'm definitely buying it. It isn't exactly 'high end' so I'll just buy it new and pay the grand total of $40. I have a few cubes to use for it, but I might buy a couple more if we need them. I can't wait to surround her with books. She's probably going to be a kid that hates to sit still and read, but I guess she'll have to learn to deal at least once in a while. I'll play outside and get rowdy if she reads with me, we'll trade minute for minute if we have to.

On that note, I think I'll go to the thrift store and check for books!

Monday, July 13, 2009


This is our first recreational Alaskan camping! How exciting!

We're not going far, because it's generally not considered a great idea at this point in the pregnancy, but we'll stay out there two nights (assuming the bugs aren't too bad) and maybe do a little hiking while we're out. And we won't even need a flashlight!

Happy day: I've got help at work on Mondays now. Finally. I felt significantly less hopeless when I started working today than I usually do on Mondays.

I'm starting a account for Nanook. We're going to keep posting the books we read to her and with any luck we'll keep it up as she gets older. We're so cheesy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

This is it people.

There's always something strange at Pioneer Park:

Today's the day it all becomes real. We are buying a car seat.

I'm not really sure why that's what seals the deal, but when I bring home the car seat, I'll be officially doing this. Having a baby. Scary. I have the crib, I have some clothes, I have a swing and a little chair for her, and bath stuff, and blankets. Today I'll buy the car seat and a stroller. Then, all we have to get are diapers and we're ready. Really ready. We still have lots of stuff that we'd like, but nothing important. Nothing necessary.

It's all so crazy. She moves hard and fast and strong all the time now, and actually keeps me awake quite often with it. I'm growing big and fast and starting to worry that I'm gaining too much weight, but she just doesn't seem to have anywhere else to grow. I have a short torso so with every bit of growth she pushes outward. Maybe I'll stop weighing myself. I don't think I want to know anymore. And if the midwives don't care, I don't care.

I still can't believe how easy it was for us to decide on this church, but we love it. We're going to try and sit down with the pastor this week to talk about baptism and communion, just to be sure we're on the same pages in our theology. I really don't want to get all hooked into a church, fall in love with the people, and then find out there's some crazy belief we didn't know about or something weird like that. So we'll sit down and cover the bases where we have opinions, make sure that everything's on the up and up, then we can jump in.

I really love sitting quietly in the apartment by myself, just thinking. Just working on stuff, just enjoying life.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tillamook Ice Cream - Mudslide

This is the most incredible ice cream I've ever had. I don't care if I gain 500 pounds, I don't want to live another day without this in my belly. So buy stock people, they're about to see a serious increase in profits.

Wonderful. And since I very rarely send my hubby out to get me anything at night, and since I've been pretty good about eating my fruits and veggies and protein, I feel no guilt. I think hubby would prefer that I don't eat ice cream every day because I think he's worried it may adversely affect Nanook (more weight during pregnancy = harder birth) but this is completely and utterly worth it. And I'm pretty much giving up on walking. We try to walk and my uterus seizes up, clamps down, and says NO. If I could find a bathing suit to go over me I'd swim every day.

The search goes on.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby stuff

Found a sewing machine! Thank you thrift store, you made my day. It was $25, an old school Singer. Those things last FOREVER, and this one even has the instruction manual so I don't have to google instructions for threading, winding the bobbin, etc.

We went and bought fabric last night. Mirus found a great flannel (brown, with pastel neon skull and crossbones, guitars, and stars) for a wrap, and another flannel (white with ducks, bees, and turtles) for sheets and matching changing pad cover. I've decided that I can make a changing pad pretty simply. Block of foam, I'll track down some plastic, gift wrap the foam with the plastic, then I'll just make fitted sheets to go over the foam. Simple, quick, and completely washable. I think I can buy the plastic that goes over mattresses and stuff at fabric stores. If not, I'll just use a garbage bag or leftover plastic from covering the floor while we paint. I like the garbage bag idea because I think it will be quiet, soft, and easily replaceable.

I'm a little too intimidated to start sewing the bigger projects just yet, but I did successfully make a burp cloth! Turns out, I don't have any straight pins. I'll have to get some today before I start the big ones. An iron would really be helpful too. And a larger table to work on. The table will come with the next apt (we will move in Aug. 1 @ the latest, they promised to call if the work is done before then), the iron I'll pick up when I get really frustrated with not having one, and the straight pins I'll probably pick up today. Until then, more burp cloths. Unless I can come up with some other smaller projects. I have all these ideas for bigger projects, but I'm trying to hold off on buying anything more until I've finished the projects I've already bought materials for. Very responsible of me.

So apparently, Alaska requires a lot of their drivers. We had to take written tests before we could get licenses, and I failed. I had question after question about the minimum jail time for this offense, maximum fine for that crime, etc. Lots of weird, esoteric kind of stuff. Mirus had to identify road signs. So not fair. Oh well, it's a randomly generated test, I could get much easier stuff this time around. I generally just try to stay out of trouble so I won't need to know jail times or how long I have to show proof of insurance to the DMV after an accident (who knew you EVER had to call the DMV after an accident? We just called the police and the insurance company.)

Still haven't heard back from my art teacher from this spring. She said the problem would be resolved soon, and that she would change my grade from an F to whatever I earned (probably a B since I completely ignored our 'disscussion' directive for the entire semester). Apparently she needs to wait to hear back from someone first?? I don't know. I also need to call my advisor. I need one more class to graduate. Not really interested in trying to take it in the fall, because I'll be working full time (or almost, hopefully), adjusting to being a parent, and adjusting to life so close to the arctic circle. I'm not expecting this to be an easy fall or winter. But I don't want to keep putting it off either. I suppose it wouldn't kill me to take this one class, though that's the same reason I overloaded myself last semester. And that did not turn out well.

Hubby has his schedule worked out for the fall. Looks like he'd be able to watch Nanook if I wanted to volunteer or work during the day.

Unfortunately, I really wanted to try to get in at the Boys and Girls Club and that would mean working evening hours every weekday. That would make social networking harder. And we MUST have real-life people contacts. Well, Mirus probably doesn't need them, he's your classic introvert. I will fall apart without friends and people and talking and interaction. I tend not to get particularly attached to people very quickly, and I tend to make and lose friends quickly, but I always have some odd collection of people around, and they give me so much sanity.

We might have found a church. I didn't expect this to be the church for us, but we really wanted to go to a study and service, so we went. And BOTH liked it. That's not easy to find. But the people were amazing, the theology seems to be exactly what we're looking for, and even the building was cool. The sanctuary looks like an old New England meeting house. I love it. And everyone was wonderful! Friendly, but sincerely friendly, and open and gregarious. Awesome. I really despise the fake sense of welcoming that some churches have. Like they're judging you for not conforming to their theology and traditions but know they shouldn't be. Lame.

So today:
take some more practice tests
drop hubby off at work
DMV - get a license (hopefully)
pick up straight pins
clean up the apt.
prenatal yoga
make sheets or moby wrap
pick hubby up from work
breakfast for dinner (yum!)

Gonna try skipping the nap. It's too hot here in the evenings and at night. And since the sun doesn't go down, there's no relief of cool in the night. So I'm going to try to get up earlier and enjoy more cool morning time. It's 10am now and I'd already be miserable without the fan. Oh Alaska, I thought you'd be cool and easy on my pregnant self. Tricky, tricky.

For the record, if we have any more children they will NOT be summer babies. Nope. No thank you.

The DMV's testing stations are these touch screen computers that you stand in front of. The computer has a rounded shelf/table portion that curves out toward you. I currenly have a rounded portion that curves out away from me. I almost couldn't reach the screen to touch the answers. I ended up having to tuck my belly under the table and lean forward, laying on my forearms on the table. Not pretty or comfortable. Mean ol' DMV.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Braxton Hicks

So far I've only had one BH contraction. For those of you who haven't been buried in baby terminology for months, Braxton-Hicks contractions are the 'fake' ones. It's when your uterus contracts but without any real result or purpose. It's just acting up, telling you to slow down.

When we were hiking in Denali, I had to stop and breathe and consciously relax because my uterus was all hard and tight. It didn't hurt (not exactly) and it wasn't ANYthing like menstrual cramps. I'm really curious to see whether or not contractions are actually like menstral cramps. I don't expect them to be the same (although some women say they are), but I wouldn't be all that surprised to find out I'm wrong. It's just that menstrual cramps are painful and pointless, and the uterus is tightening over nothing, with nothing to squeeze. Contractions have a very specific purpose and the baby provides some resistance, and the cervix provides the result. And I have never been excited for menstrual cramps, but I am very excited for contractions (=baby!). Maybe this is just the psych major in me doing the talking, but my own expectations have to affect my perception of the whole experience.

She's moving a lot this morning. Strong, purposeful movements. I love when she's like this. It makes her seem so real. So much like a little person. She really is incredible. I can't wait to meet her.

Though we really should buy a carseat first.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nanook's physical makeup

If you are what you eat, and if this baby is made up of what I eat, I suspect she'll come out looking like this:

45% Slurpee
3% Jimmy's all natural Jamaican Me Crazy spice mix
17% Strawberry Ice Cream (real strawberry ice cream, not the flavored stuff)
8% Half and Half
12% Orange Juice
15% Raisin Bran with extra raisins and a little sugar

I ate a LOT of fruits and veggies in the first trimester, but I suspect they're only found in trace amounts now.

Signs that Alaska might not be a real state:

1. No 7-11's.
2. No Dairy Queens.
3. No fireworks on 4th of July. (they CLAIM this has something to do with the 24 hour sunlight)
4. No Target. (we need to keep an eye on Delaware, they're guilty of this one too.
5. I suspect the largest political party is either Libertarian or Alaskan Independence Party. Either way, they clearly are not participating in the same 'two party system' as the real America.
6. Sarah Palin's supporters were awfully insistent about checking Obama's citizenship. Maybe to draw attention away from their OWN non-resident status.
7. They get what they want from their lawmakers. I've heard a suggestion this has to do with the exceedingly high rate of gun ownership.
8. Residents get paid to live here.
9. No sales tax. (except alcohol and cigs)
10. No state income tax.
11. Alaska pays for their government's expenditures by exporting a product. That sounds awfully simple and rational. Far too simple and rational to be an American state.
12. No professional sports.
13. Not even football.
14. Not even baseball!
15. They support midwives, natural birth options, and a woman's right to choose a birth that's best for her and her family.

I'm suspicious. I'll keep you posted as I learn more.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'm covered by Denali Kids Care! It's official, I got the letter today!

It's such a huge relief. We had to dip into our savings when I got cut to part time. Not much, I'm sure we'd have been fine, but it would have been much less comfortable than we were prepared to handle. Especially since hubby is commission only until August, we can't plan ahead on his income, we have to just take each day and paycheck as it comes. It's just so nice to know that we don't have to weigh our birth options by cost.

We had a prenatal appointment this morning too. Nanook is healthy, head down, growing right on schedule and getting ready to go. My blood pressure is perfectly normal (still haven't even hit 120/80), my urine cultures are all normal, and my blood work came back so good I don't have to do the second round that most women do! My weight is up again, and I'm not thrilled about it, so we went for a walk today. I still refuse to monitor my food intake but I will start exercising again. I hadn't realized how long we'd stopped to be honest. When we first got up here we were so concerned with finding a place and a job and all that stuff that I just forgot, and then suddenly it's been like a month! So, I'll make sure that I'm eating all the protein I need, all the fruits and veggies I need, and keep taking my prenatals. Anything I want to eat after all that is fair game, but I'll have to walk to the gas station to get it.

What a great day.