Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm back

Moving right along:

New Schedule
8-my bible study time
8:30-Mirus's bible study time
9:30(ish)- Adelaide wakes up
morning classes, playgroup, bible group, study time, work, or lunch date
Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday - we all have lunch together
Friday and Saturday - I'm working
afternoon classes, study time(s), doctor appointments or work
dinner together most days
6 - evening classes
Tuesday dinner date (out of the house!)

That's all I can remember right now. We have to have it all mapped out. One side of the page is a map of who is where and on what day, the other side of the page is who is responsible for being primary parent and when.

Plus, we have a monthly calendar to keep up with less frequent engagements. Turns out, two parents working, taking classes, and being involved in various community and social groups makes for one very, very busy family. It's a good thing we only have one baby right now. We'd have to start giving some things up if we had any more schedules to factor in.

Surprisingly, we only use the car a few times per week. For all of our busy goings-on, we still don't need a second car.

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