Friday, February 5, 2010

Where has all the breastmilk gone?

I donated my milk to Jasmine.

All fall I wondered why I had so much milk. People kept telling me that milk supply was moderated by Adelaide's demand, but I was skeptical because Addie did not want all the milk that I had. I was right. The milk wasn't for her. It was for Jasmine. A week has gone by since Jasmine was stabbed, and she should back to breastfeeding her son again if all went well.

From the Fairbanks News-Miner:
FAIRBANKS — A Fairbanks woman was arrested on felony assault charges early Thursday for allegedly stabbing her neighbor in the arm while burglarizing the neighbor’s apartment near Fox.

Jennifer E. Loving, 31, was arraigned on four felony charges in District Court on Friday, including first-degree assault, first-degree burglary, second-degree theft and tampering with physical evidence.

According to a criminal complaint filed in court, Loving is accused of stabbing Jasmine Wells, 29, in the left arm with a folding knife after hiding in a bedroom closet when Wells woke up and mistook Loving for her boyfriend. Loving rented a house next to the duplex Wells lived in.

Wells told Alaska State Troopers that she woke up in a back bedroom about 2 a.m. and heard somebody in the room. She initially thought it was her boyfriend, Justin Morgan, and called out to him.

At that point, Loving allegedly turned off a flashlight she had on and crouched in a closet, according to the complaint.

When Wells got up to go into the living room, Loving attacked her and stabbed her in the arm. Wells’ screaming woke up Morgan, who witnessed the assailant run out the back door. Morgan began to chase the assailant, but Wells’ screaming caused him to stop and return to the apartment to check her injuries.

Their landlord, Allen McQuade, who lives in an apartment above Wells and Morgan, awoke and called 911.

Wells was transported by ambulance to Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, where Sgt. Jeremy Rupe interviewed her. Wells had a puncture wound in her left tricep and a cut on her left forearm. The wound in her tricep was bleeding profusely, and hospital staff told Rupe that Wells had lost about two pints of blood.

Wells was transferred to Anchorage to have surgery on her arm. At Friday’s arraignment, assistant district attorney David Buettner told magistrate Alicemary Rasley that Wells could lose her arm as a result of the stabbing.

Troopers interviewed Morgan, who said the assailant fled in the direction of Loving’s house, and footprints leading from the back door across the yard were found when Rupe returned to the scene. Rupe interviewed Loving at 7 a.m. and noted she was the same height that both Wells and Morgan indicated the suspect was.

Loving denied any involvement or knowledge of the incident.

An hour later, Morgan called troopers to report that he had watched Loving place a tan bag in the trunk of a car that was similar to the bag that was taken from their apartment earlier that morning. Morgan then followed Loving down the Steese Highway, where she was stopped by troopers responding to Morgan’s call.

The trooper who stopped her asked to search her vehicle, but Loving initially refused and said the trunk contained only trash.

Rupe again interviewed Loving, who eventually confessed to stabbing Wells because Wells scared her. Loving then took a bag of items from the home and fled.

Loving also admitted she was taking other items, including the boots that she was wearing at the time of the stabbing, away from the home to get rid of them.

Loving also admitted to puncturing all four of the tires on McQuade’s Toyota pickup with the knife she stabbed Wells “to get even with him.” McQuade and Loving got into what he described as a “blowup” because she had not paid rent in two months and he asked her to leave.

Troopers determined that Loving gained access to Wells’ apartment through an unlocked entrance to the garage. She admitted to stealing Wells’ purse and an iPod from Morgan’s car.

Calling Loving’s actions “absolutely terrifying behavior,” Rasley set Loving’s bail at $75,000. She is being held at Fairbanks Correctional Center.

Contact staff writer Tim Mowry at 459-7587.

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