Monday, July 26, 2010

I tried to smother myself with my pillow today

. . . in an attempt to block out the idiot voices that are plaguing me. It did not work.

Here's the thing people: just because something pops into your head (or is said on conservative talk radio) does not mean you should repeat it. Seriously. Let your mouth be a barricade. Please.

Case in point: "Not correcting the gay problem is tearing this country apart." First of all, THE GAYS ARE NOT OUT TO GET YOU. I'm going to keep repeating that, because the conservative radio has laid their side on a little thick. There is no agenda, the gays do not have some sort of sick evangelism campaign going, no one is going to break into your house and have extra-marital sex in your living room. The gays are not as afraid of you as you are of them. Seriously. I promise. They are only afraid that their kids will one day have to put up with your ignorance.
Let me back up. Passing a law that allowed a civil union between two people of the same sex would not be condoning their sin any more than allowing spanking condones child abuse. Spanking has been shown, over and over again, to be detrimental to the development of a child. Spanked children have a harder time interacting with their peers, they are more aggressive, they are more likely to have trouble in relationships - they do not know how to relate to other people outside of the 'do as I say or else I'll hurt you' paradigm. Your continued use of spanking could (and is, in some circles) be seen as a serious sin against your kids. But we aren't going to legislate away your right to spank. Why? Because the U.S. Government has NO RIGHT to say what does or does not go on in your house. (Can you think of any other area where this logic could be applied?!) And because Americans shouldn't be legislating away something that could, in some hypothetical extreme, be harmful but that isn't in everyday practice.

Another example: "Obama's health care plan is like letting the post office run our health care system." What? First of all, the post office doesn't get any tax dollars. None. So the two are nothing alike. Secondly, even if they were, you don't *have* to use the post office. FedEx is right down the street. They'll deliver your letter too. But they won't come to your house, pick it up, and deliver it for 42 cents.

Sometimes, living here is incredibly difficult. There are opinions held and loudly voiced here that just wouldn't be tolerated anywhere else in the country or industrialized world. And today, I just want to be in a group of people who consider the people around them before they speak.

As much as I love church, I am tired of church people. I need a break. I have faith, but I do not therefore vote Republican. Micheal Steele is not the intermediary between faith and the voting booth.

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