Saturday, July 24, 2010

Spanking and Shielding

I was reading a blog today by a Christian mama who mentioned her belief that when parents spank a child (especially a young child) for touching something or trying something deemed 'wrong' they are actually shielding their children from learning. Not only from learning that cars are heavy and could crush you or that stoves are hot, but from learning about life or how to try anything. If punished for trying/exploring/etc. children learn to play it safe, do only as their told (well, that seems to be the goal anyway), but is that safe? How do those kids learn to make decisions when they're older? Do they have to continually call their parents to ask permission or advice? Are they capable of sizing up an obstacle or question and weigh the options?

Wouldn't modeling good problem solving skills teach our kids a lot more than spanking teaches? I'd like for my kids to leave my home knowing a lot more than just 'don't'.

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