Monday, September 21, 2009

The most amazing baby alive is currently sleeping all by herself in her glider thing.

Hallelujah. We got it for $10 at Salvation Army and it's paying for itself right now. If her Miracle Blanket didn't have spit up on it, I'd be free enough to get dressed, clean the kitchen, or any number of daring activities.

The public health nurse who's helping us with nursing is coming tomorrow. We have lots to talk about. Adelaide's latch is so shallow, but we're making progress. Unfortunately, it isn't fast enough. She should be gaining more weight. I'm also concerned about how often she spits up. She spits up more and more frequently than any baby I've ever seen. Last time the nurse recommended trying an elimination diet to see if allergies could be causing an upset stomach. In my laziness, we decided to try a pacifier to see if maybe she was taking in more milk than she could digest when she was nursing for comfort instead of hunger. Her spitting up did decrease, but I'm not sure if it decreased enough.

I still don't know if I can re-open this blog or not. I keep seeing crap from my cousins so I'm not sure I can open this without opening a whole problem with them. Some people don't move forward. Like at all. Ever.

Christmas is around the corner, and I will be in Denver for about 3 weeks. With any luck, I might make it to Michigan as well. That will be much trickier. We'll see.

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