Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh, Alaska!

Fairbanks is strange to me.

We were warned by a mother here in town about the health care available in our town. She said that our hospital is small (what isn't?) and that if we believe something to be really wrong with our child (i.e. cancer, serious or rare disease, etc.) we should fly to Anchorage or Seattle. Apparently some doctors in Fairbanks like to try and treat things locally, but since they lack the staff, resources, or equipment to adequately handle these more serious problems, the patients end up being flown to Anchorage eventually, often after conditions have worsened. Her daughter had a rare form of cancer and she was driving to Anchorage once a week for treatments. It's a 6-7 hour drive to Anchorage, and another 6-7 hour drive to come back. Those are some long days.

It kind of hit home to think that our safest bet may be to fly to another state to have our health concerns checked out. We really live in the middle of nowhere.

Fall colors are here. By fall colors I mean yellow, but it's pretty none the less. I'd like to take a drive and maybe take some pictures with the colors in the background. Hopefully we can get to that today, although we haven't been able to do much lately. Stupid bedrest.

[Despite my irritation, the rest seems to be working. No more hot spots, no more painful swelling.]

baby's awake!

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