Tuesday, August 18, 2009

38 week appointment

Well, I'm 38+5, pretty well effaced, and 1-2 cm. So, almost nowhere. My midwife was able to strip my membranes a bit, and I had a few contractions, but they fizzled out. We went walking and tried some more bumpy roads, but nothing happened.

Still, she said I'd likely have a baby within a week or so. No guarantees, but it's likely, and unlikely that I'd go past my due date. No September baby for me! (hopefully)

I had a bunch of projects schedule to work on this afternoon, and I did start on a few, but without completing any I just feel defeated. Oh well, I should have two baby hats done tomorrow, then I only have 1 or 2 more till I can send them out. Then, I need to finish the wipes, hem the sheet, fix Granny's quilt, make a changing pad for the diaper bag, and finish a hat for Nanook. All of these projects are relatively quick. Oh, I have to recover the cushions on the rocking chair.

I love nesting!!!!

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