Friday, August 7, 2009

I really do love my life.

I'm very thankful to be aware of how precious this time is. I will never again be pregnant with this child. Not ever. Not even for a minute. I have only now, only today, to enjoy it. And so I am. I love feeling her move and kick and roll, and I love that she responds to my movements and voice, and to her father. I even love being a giant, bulbous shape, and I love the social liberties I have as a result.

Sometimes I get lost daydreaming about her. Mirus does too, I've seen him. It's so incredible to imagine her little head resting on my chest and the way she'll feel pressed close to me. Every morning when I sit down to write, I think about how wonderful it will be to sit down to work with her. To be breathing her in and getting paid for it.

I'm also grateful that we'll have time to get to know each other as a family before we see anyone. I was hurt earlier this week thinking that no one was excited for her, but that's just emotional rambling really. I'm very thankful that my Mirus, Nanook, and I will have time to learn about each other as a family and be just to ourselves for a while.

We practiced diapering on a teddy bear last night. Granted, cloth diapering does take a bit more skill than disposables, but I still think that we must have lost it. We are both so absurdly excited to meet her. I want to hit up the garage sale on base this weekend for a handful of things but really we're ready. We need to decide if we want to side-car the crib or get a co-sleeper, but I think that will come down to how much $$ we're willing to shell out. If we get a good deal on a co-sleeper I'd love one, if not she has a crib that we can make work just fine.

We still need to move the desk upstairs and build up our study. It just feels silly since all of our books are in Denver.

I'll try to remember to post a picture of our diapered teddy bear later. It's pretty cute.

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