Saturday, August 1, 2009

Is it my turn yet?

I really don't think this pregnancy is going to last much longer. Theoretically I could be pregnant for 6 more weeks, and statistically I'm very likely to go that long, but I don't think it's going to happen. I'm just trying to keep her in there until Friday. One week. If I can hold on to this kid for one more week, I will officially be full term and we can start coaxing her out.

RRL - My red raspberry leaf tea has been strengthening my BH contractions. Starting Friday, I'll be making an almost soup of the stuff. Strong, strong tea, and I'll sip it all day. When we make it iced I tend to chug it so maybe I'll make a big, big batch of strong iced tea.

EPO - Evening primrose oil. This can be taken orally or vaginally. It helps ready the cervix. And since sex and other old wives' tales only work once the cervix has started to soften, I'm going to have to get my cervix on board to make this happen. Maybe we'll take it orally in the morning and use it vaginally at night.

5w herbs - Sounds like a magic potion to me. I always forget what's in there, but this too helps tone and strengthen smooth muscle tissue (like RRL).

Walking - We have trails that are supposed to be pretty beautiful and begin right at the edge of family housing. We'll be getting to know them well over the next few weeks.

Sex - Sex works two ways. Orgasm initiates uterine contractions, and prostglandins in semen do something or other to the cervix. I've heard that sex really only gets things going after the cervix is already playing along, but this can't hurt to get all players on board. Besides, women who have sex more frequently are more likely to have the baby before 40 weeks.

I think that's the whole list and plan so far. If it doesn't seem to be getting us going, we can always add spicy food and see what else is out there.

One more week.


  1. Just a warning, RRL seemed to only make pre-labor really hard to ignore... I was noticing non-stop contractions for a week before the real deal was happening. Very confusing and frustrating. Amy went thru the same thing i guess... but we both had pretty good labors once it happened, so more power to ya, i guess!

  2. hmm.

    I actually stopped taking my RRL because my BH was so strong and so regular that I was worried I might jumpstart something too soon. I was planning on starting it again at the end of this week, but I hadn't thought about prelabor.

    Good point friend.