Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So, so pregnant.

We took some pictures. It was fun. For the record, these are my pre-preggo jeans. They're tighter, but they're on. Not anywhere near buttoned or zippered, but whatever.

36 weeks + 5 days pregnant. Holy cow, I'm huge. For comparison:
Look, my stomach fits beHIND the bowl instead of beLOW it!

I should put on these clothes again and take another picture for reference. I also kinda wish I had a measurement of my stomach before I got pregnant.

Nanook is really moving around a lot tonight. She's just rolling and tossing and doing all kinds of crazy stuff in there. Apparently, she likes all beef hot dogs with BBQ sauce. Whatever. Her heart rate was just perfect again today, and the midwife said that if Mirus put his hear over her back, he should be able to hear the heartbeat. Isn't that incredible?

She's incredible. I'm in love.

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