Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Well lets see. I'm trading some hats for a pocket sling, I already have a moby wrap, plus we have a snugli type carrier. I don't think I need a mei tei. And since it would be a little more sewing and thinking than my other projects, I think it's out. Instead, I'm working on my cloth wipes and crocheted hats. I have a few bear hats to make to trade for the sling, then a cute little green hat for Nanook when she comes out. I have a little green polka dot outfit that I might put her in for her first pictures. But the crocheted hat might look silly with a summer jumper.

I love thinking about this stuff. When the time comes I'll be so astounded looking at her that I doubt I'll remember any of this. She'll be dressed in whatever is nearby I'm sure.

For a while I was SURE she was coming out this week or next week at the very latest. I was just sure of it. Then for the last few days I've been wondering if she might stick around until our due date. Today I have no clue. I could be pregnant for another month. After September 11th I'll have to be referred to ab OB/GYN, but the midwives say that pretty much never happens. Apparently they have a castor oil regimine that works without fail.

Lately I've started being more aware of my selfishness. Anything that is happening outside of my uterus is completely uninteresting. All I care about is Nanook. I suppose focusing on her is a good thing, but I'll be glad when I can start re-adjusting my perspective a bit.

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  1. being selfish is a very natural and necessary part of being pregnant and becoming a mother. it is a protective and nurturing instinct that we should be thankful for as our babies are reflections of and extensions of ourselves and our partners, and anyone who doesn't want to hear about your baby probably shouldn't be talking to a pregnant lady. ;)
    --lindsay w.