Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My first post from my fancy new birthday present. What joy!

Well, the fair was amazing. Just wonderful. I even got strawberries AND cream cheese on my elephant ear so the caloric indulgence was complete. Then we watched the 4-H horse show for a while, and either the State Fair in Alaska is not NEARLY as competitive as our County Fair in MI or we were not the riders we thought we were. I'm aware that I never really worked my horse into much of a frame, and I remember trying to explain to several people that the fight it would take to get her into that frame simply wasn't worth it. But I still feel that we were working at a whole other level than the kids I saw yesterday. Interesting.

Mirus wouldn't let me ride any of the rides. Not even the Ferris Wheel. I really wanted to ride the super cool giant bungee jump thing because I've NEVER been on one before. I tried explaining to my husband that if he let me, we would almost certainly have a baby within 24 hours! He did not feel that scaring the baby out of the womb was a good way to start her earthly experience. Prude. But not even the Ferris Wheel? I felt so cheated.

Someone at church brought a whole bag of baby clothes in for us. And someone else bought us books for the bible study we're doing. People seem so excited to do generous, wonderful things. It's kinda fun to be a part of this, and not just to be on the receiving end. I really am excited about this church.

Yesterday's prenatal went well. Nanook is back in the right position, ready to be borned. I think I'll be doing some serious walking today trying to encourage things along. It's probably too early for that to do any good, but a girl can dream.

I forgot that I'm supposed to be doling out the workload at the office this week. Oops. Boss is in California, but since that exists outside of my uterus, I'm a bit oblivious to it. Ah well. There seem to be no crises yet. She worked Monday and Tuesday so all I really missed was setting up my coworkers this morning, and they're certainly capable and willing to do that themselves. No biggie.

My tea is ready, and I'm off to read in my rocking chair.

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