Sunday, August 23, 2009

Commercial FAIL

There's a BMW commercial that starts with a guy in a dark room holding a light bulb. He says that American's have always been finding ways to be more responsible. Then about a thousand light bulbs light up one by one above his head.

Lighting all those light bulbs are unnecessary. Are you trying to prove that you are not like us? Apparently not, because the next thing he says is that BMW is trying to find ways to be responsible too.

Good luck.

Two things to remember today:
longer gestation=bigger baby=healthier baby=good
The longer a baby stays in there, the more content he or she tends to be. And content babies are more fun to cuddle with.

I can do this. I can calmly and contently wiat for her to be born. No matter how painful my joints are, no matter how little sleep I get, no matter how tight my skin stretches, no matter how much my big belly pulls on my lower back, no mater how many nerves are pinched or how many times she punches my bladder and makes me almost wet myself, I am going to wait for her.

She's worth it.

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