Wednesday, July 15, 2009

'discovered' forest fire

In Alaska, there are forest fires. This makes sense, Alaska has a lot of forest. What is harder to understand, is that sometimes the forest fire is very large (by the standards established in my mind from other states) before it is found.

Don't believe me? Read it for yourself in our local paper.

This is what we saw from our campsite looking up at just after midnight o'clock. Blue sky. 22 days AFTER the summer solstice. This is 10 minutes after the official sunset of 12:01. Oh, Alaska, how I love you (so far).

Camping was mostly good, though the mosquitoes REALLY like my preggo blood. Mirus was standing behind me trying to wipe them all off my back and butt even after we used copious amounts of bug spray. I wasn't thrilled about using the bug spray to begin with because I've been trying to avoid weird chemicals while I'm building the baby. We ended up leaving a night early. We tried camping, we tried hiking, the bugs were just way too bad, so we threw in the towel, ran up the white flag, and came home to play video games and sleep.

Another prenatal appt. today. Still measuring just where she should be, and everything still looks perfect. Walking is not a recommended exercise right now because the wildfires have decreased the air quality so much (apparently the smoke has no where else to go) so I'm going to keep on the hunt for a giant swimsuit. I suppose that sentance make it sound like I've really been looking, when I've really only been looking while it's convenient. Anyway. Nanook had a great sleeping heart rate of about 130ish, then it climbed up to the 140's when we started papating and measuring and doing all that stuff. She generally prefers to be left alone, but we generally prefer to check on her. Today, we won.

Still loving the midwives and birth center so, so much. I'm so glad to be there and not with an OB. I love their approach, and I love feeling like I'm participating in this instead of receiving care. They know me, they know my husband, they know our baby. They know our norms, they check in on us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Having a baby is not simply a high-risk medical endevour, it's a normal, huge, life changing event that lasts (seemingly) forever. Pregnancy is just so different from any other health-related issue I've ever experienced, so it's nice to get a different kind of care. And to be welcomed as important in the process and not secondary to the OB. Our birthing class is this Saturday, and we're pretty psyched. Gotta learn how to evict this squatter! The womb-gnome has got to go! Well, not just yet, but soon.

I have discovered that I have a HUGE list of books I want to buy for Nanook. Now I am trying to figure out a way to get other people to buy them for her (us, me, whatever). We've already had our shower, now I'm just being greedy. But my dear husband might 'shit a brick' (to use the parlance of our times) if I buy all the books I want. There are, um, several. dozen. What do you expect? I grow up with an amazing woman who read to me ALL THE TIME, and then I worked as a literacy tutor in an elementary school. I have a LOT of favorite children's books. And the one piece of furniture I felt compelled to buy for Nanook was a bookshelf. I really wasn't sure that a crib was as necessary as a bookshelf.

I found the bookshelf that I want too. Once we move in to the new place and get set up I'm definitely buying it. It isn't exactly 'high end' so I'll just buy it new and pay the grand total of $40. I have a few cubes to use for it, but I might buy a couple more if we need them. I can't wait to surround her with books. She's probably going to be a kid that hates to sit still and read, but I guess she'll have to learn to deal at least once in a while. I'll play outside and get rowdy if she reads with me, we'll trade minute for minute if we have to.

On that note, I think I'll go to the thrift store and check for books!

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