Saturday, July 4, 2009

Braxton Hicks

So far I've only had one BH contraction. For those of you who haven't been buried in baby terminology for months, Braxton-Hicks contractions are the 'fake' ones. It's when your uterus contracts but without any real result or purpose. It's just acting up, telling you to slow down.

When we were hiking in Denali, I had to stop and breathe and consciously relax because my uterus was all hard and tight. It didn't hurt (not exactly) and it wasn't ANYthing like menstrual cramps. I'm really curious to see whether or not contractions are actually like menstral cramps. I don't expect them to be the same (although some women say they are), but I wouldn't be all that surprised to find out I'm wrong. It's just that menstrual cramps are painful and pointless, and the uterus is tightening over nothing, with nothing to squeeze. Contractions have a very specific purpose and the baby provides some resistance, and the cervix provides the result. And I have never been excited for menstrual cramps, but I am very excited for contractions (=baby!). Maybe this is just the psych major in me doing the talking, but my own expectations have to affect my perception of the whole experience.

She's moving a lot this morning. Strong, purposeful movements. I love when she's like this. It makes her seem so real. So much like a little person. She really is incredible. I can't wait to meet her.

Though we really should buy a carseat first.

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  1. to answer your question. REAL contractions start out as menstrual crampy feeling (the mild ones) along with your belly tightening. as they intensify, you won't care what the pain is like.. .just that it's incredible (and awe-inspiring) pain.
    BH serve a purpose of exercising your uterus, but you are also right in that when you get too many of them, you need to slow down and drink more water. ;)