Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'm covered by Denali Kids Care! It's official, I got the letter today!

It's such a huge relief. We had to dip into our savings when I got cut to part time. Not much, I'm sure we'd have been fine, but it would have been much less comfortable than we were prepared to handle. Especially since hubby is commission only until August, we can't plan ahead on his income, we have to just take each day and paycheck as it comes. It's just so nice to know that we don't have to weigh our birth options by cost.

We had a prenatal appointment this morning too. Nanook is healthy, head down, growing right on schedule and getting ready to go. My blood pressure is perfectly normal (still haven't even hit 120/80), my urine cultures are all normal, and my blood work came back so good I don't have to do the second round that most women do! My weight is up again, and I'm not thrilled about it, so we went for a walk today. I still refuse to monitor my food intake but I will start exercising again. I hadn't realized how long we'd stopped to be honest. When we first got up here we were so concerned with finding a place and a job and all that stuff that I just forgot, and then suddenly it's been like a month! So, I'll make sure that I'm eating all the protein I need, all the fruits and veggies I need, and keep taking my prenatals. Anything I want to eat after all that is fair game, but I'll have to walk to the gas station to get it.

What a great day.

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