Sunday, July 26, 2009

A day in my life, and why the internet is important for first time preggos

4:30am - Wake up hungry, get up to eat
5:00am - Back to bed
5:30am - Wake up, read
6:00am - Work
4pm - (or sooner) finish working, nap
7pm - Hubby's home, dinner, Monopoly or Scrabble Apple
10pm - Bed

My whole day is a cycle of naps and food. On days that I can break from work and fit in an extra round of sleeping and eating I do.

I highly recommend the internet for anyone pregnant. Especially first timers. Enough weird things happen during pregnancy that having access to many, many women and their experiences becomes of incalculable value. And some of the oddities are disgusting, personal, and not something you want to admit to out loud right away.

For instance, let's just say that during your first pregnancy you experience something that more than half of pregnant women experience: a hemorrhoid. Let's just say that you'd never really thought of hemorrhoids before and assumed they must be painful and protruding (why else would old people sit on those donut pillows and blame it on hemorrhoids?). And let's just say that your condition presented itself rather differently. By being only blood on your toilet tissue as you wipe. Bright, red, fresh blood. 6 months ago you'd have broken down in tears thinking you'd lost the embryo and that the pregnancy was over. Now, you can feel the baby kicking but can't deny that blood usually demands to be taken seriously. How else would you go about diagnosing yourself? Without the internet, you'd have to look someone in the eye and ask if they'd ever had painless blood leaking from their bum, and it would be awkward. In today's world, you either google your symptoms or post to a message board. I enjoy the message boards, because I enjoy the simple, straightforward suggestions from other people for dealing with my ever changing body.

But I am not enjoying my very first hemorrhoid.

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