Saturday, July 18, 2009

Birth Class

We had the birth class today!

Turns out, we're both saps and cried when we watched the video. We were the only ones crying. But it was all so incredible. Watching those women do what they did and knowing how close I am to doing that as well, and what comes after. . .

The class was good. I figured it would probably answer all the questions I had about procedures and I was right. Maybe it's because these are Alaskans treating Alaskans, but I can definitely see a difference even between this birth center and the last. These midwives give us all kinds of information on every decision to be made, where to get even more info, how they think about each side of the argument, and then let us decide what to do. We can refuse ANYthing, and ANY time, for ANY reason. And if we have to transfer, they come with us to the hospital and take charge of implementing the birth plan as much as possible. We can choose whether we want a homebirth or birth center birth, and they are happy to meet us wherever. And the two women who do the homebirths are my favorite midwife (so far) and the first women I spoke to when I called from Denver who was so wonderful. I've only spoken to her one other time, but I really liked her. It's very likely that both will be there. It's awesome to feel like I have so much to offer this process, and to offer my baby, my family, and myself. With no other care provider have I felt so trusted to competently make the decisions that are best for my family.

I'll be full term three weeks from yesterday. In just under three weeks, we're set to go. We're going to start some herbs and possibly some other things "in preparation", but I'm inclined to go for the gusto and start trying to get labor going as quickly as possible. I'm ready to meet her. I'm ready to mother her and I'm ready for labor. I will probably not try much from 37-38 weeks, and our attempts will likely be halfhearted until closer to 40, but after 40, I'm pushing for it. If she could come a little early we would both really appreciate fewer scheduling conflicts, but we've made arrangements to have all other obligations wait until a week or two after she comes, whenever that is.

I had a few BH contractions today. Minor, mild and spread out throughout the class and this evening, but there they were. Makes me think that this is really happening. To me. Soon.


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