Thursday, July 2, 2009

Signs that Alaska might not be a real state:

1. No 7-11's.
2. No Dairy Queens.
3. No fireworks on 4th of July. (they CLAIM this has something to do with the 24 hour sunlight)
4. No Target. (we need to keep an eye on Delaware, they're guilty of this one too.
5. I suspect the largest political party is either Libertarian or Alaskan Independence Party. Either way, they clearly are not participating in the same 'two party system' as the real America.
6. Sarah Palin's supporters were awfully insistent about checking Obama's citizenship. Maybe to draw attention away from their OWN non-resident status.
7. They get what they want from their lawmakers. I've heard a suggestion this has to do with the exceedingly high rate of gun ownership.
8. Residents get paid to live here.
9. No sales tax. (except alcohol and cigs)
10. No state income tax.
11. Alaska pays for their government's expenditures by exporting a product. That sounds awfully simple and rational. Far too simple and rational to be an American state.
12. No professional sports.
13. Not even football.
14. Not even baseball!
15. They support midwives, natural birth options, and a woman's right to choose a birth that's best for her and her family.

I'm suspicious. I'll keep you posted as I learn more.


  1. 2. We do have Dairy Queen! Anchorage, Soldotna... maybe even Wasilla now? There used to be one in Fairbanks, too.
    4. We do, we do! One in Anch and one in Wasilla, both opened this year. =p Much rejoicing was had.

    15. Ain't it great!?!

    Found you through MDC. =) I was raised in North Pole and Fbks, *wave* from down south.

  2. I have to admit, this is a pretty awesome place. Alaska is just amazing. And I'm very glad to be having my first babe in a place that gives me so many options.

    I think I'll have to come visit Anchorage, it sounds like that's where the "America" is.

    Happy 4th!