Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I had an epiphany a few years ago where I was out at a celebrity party and it suddenly dawned on me that I had yet to meet a celebrity who is as smart and interesting as any of my friends.
- Moby

I too, have really smart and interesting friends. And sometimes, they do cool and interesting things. Like hike the AT!

Something Strange (and then something else strange):
Putt-Putt is cheaper here than in the lower 48. This might be the ONLY thing that's cheaper. Also, there is a plane in the trees, and a moose, wolf, and bear on the course. Oh Alaska, how I love you. (the bear is not in this shot. You can see a bit of his brown arm on the left)

If you pay these people money to stand in their freezer, they will give you a certificate proclaiming you to be a real Alaskan. The freezer is said to be 40 below zero. If I wait until Mother Nature gives me this experience for free, I will have no certificate and will have to provide my own parka.

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