Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another pregnancy?

One thing I was very, VERY clear about before Mirus and I got married was that I was willing to be pregnant ONCE, and then we would reconvene to decide how we would build or family after that. I really wanted to try being pregnant, but saw no reason to commit to it multiple times if I was just going to be miserable. I've always loved the idea of adoption, and even if I enjoyed being pregnant I wanted to adopt as well.

In the first trimester, it didn't look like there was any chance of ever doing the pregnancy thing again. I wasn't all that miserable, but it was consistent enough to be completely annoying. I was too exhausted to be productive, not hungry, and constantly bothered by the thought of food. Fast food commercials would send me running for the bathroom every time. It just wasn't fun.

The second trimester was better, I enjoyed being able to get things done and food tasted better during this trimester than it has ever in my life tasted. Food was incredible! Plus, I wanted sex almost more than Mirus did, and all the physical changes made sex even better than it was before I was pregnant. Life was just so damn good. Although, now that I look at what I just wrote, I see that my life revolved around food and sex. Just like a guy. Maybe this is how men live their whole lives! I think I got ripped off. . .

I'm just beginning the third trimester, but I'm beginning to feel some of its hallmarks already. It's harder to move around, and getting up and down is really difficult. I'm starting to feel hot all the time (which is NOT my favorite) and swollen feet are painful (which I didn't anticipate). Still, everytime Nanook moves, the rest of my world just stops. I am constantly looking at my belly and grinning. She's incredible. And she's in there! Moving around and growing and getting stronger.

Somehow, that seems to make up for all the discomfort. All the trouble and irritation. I don't know if ever I want to be pregnant again, but I love carrying her. I love this time together, and I love having her so near me. It's hard to imagine being pregnant with anyone else. So I don't really know how we'll make a decision on that. I suppose we have lots of time.

Today's agenda:
  • Value Village (thrift store) for baby stuff
  • Dollar-Fifty store (hopefully as exciting as Dollar Tree)
  • Some hiking somewhere. Maybe Chena Hot Springs? Maybe near the glacier where people in dry cabins get their water?
  • Nutella-banana paninis for lunch. (I can't believe Mirus let me count this as a meal! He must really love me!)

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