Thursday, June 4, 2009

making stuff for Nanook

I'm ordering my sewing machine today. In honor of this momentous occasion, I'm making a list of things I want to make before this kid gets here.

Nursing Cover:I love this cover, but it can't be hard to make. It isn't very expensive and it has free shipping to Alaska, but seriously. It's a square, with piping around the edges. I suppose the boning in the top might give me some trouble, but if I just figure out where it goes, I can run a seam on either side to hold it in place. The strap could be tricky, but I'm sure I can figure something out.

Sheets: Wouldn't I just cut squares out of the corners, sew each corner together, then run a hem all around? I can just tuck the elastic in the hem (I think). That's the fitted sheet, and the flat sheet should just be an easy hem all the way around.

Moby Wrap: I just need to buy 5 - 5.5 yards of jersey or cotton gauze (I don't even know what cotton gauze is) and cut it lengthwise if it's too long. The whole point of a Moby is its simplicity, so the most I might have to do is hem the edges. Can do.

Covers for gear: I think the only thing I can do here is trial and error. I'm going to make covers for a bouncy seat, a swing, and whatever other pieces of gear I end up with. It would be fun to have stuff that all matched, but I refuse to pay to buy them new. Fabric is pretty cheap, and I'm pretty smart, so I'll give the covers a try.

Diaper Bag: I actually think I have a bag that will work beautifully as a diaper bag, but I see no reason not to try making a really great bag too. I mean seriously, what else am I doing with my summer?

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