Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One day down, 64 more to go

Hormone Induced Emotional Breakdown #2 was yesterday. I was very ready to be done being pregnant.

Great day with my husband was today. I am perfectly happy to keep baking her for a little while longer. Especially since she's not nearly as ready to come out as I am to have her out.

Things we MUST get before she comes:

High priority:
glider rocker with footstool
new apartment

Everything else is just gravy. I really don't want to get the rocking chair until after we move because there is zero space in this place, and we found out last night that we'll be moving on August 1st. (Very exciting.)

Diapers are mostly taken care of. I have figured out what we want and where we want to get them, we just need to pick them up. Someone has actually offered to buy a bunch for us as a 'welcome baby' gift (which is AWESOME and super generous), and I've discovered that Ebay is full of ridiculously cute diaper covers that will adorn my little Nanook's behind.

The carseat search has begun. I've made a list of the carseats that are available in stock in Fairbanks, and started researching to be sure none of them have recalls. After that I just have to pick one. No biggie.

Once we get moved in to the new place all I'll be doing is decorating baby's room/space and buying the stuff I just love and want. Very fun. For now, I'm just checking and double checking to be sure we really have what we need. The weird thing is, there are a million different things that are said to be needed, but when it really comes down to it, a baby needs food, diapers, and a carseat.

We still need to figure out if we want to give her a whole room right away or use it for an office. I'm thinking office. She's not going to sleep in her own room anyway, but hubby and I will both be working on our computers a lot. So having a work space might be more essential that we realize. And since she'll be sleeping with us for an indefinite period of time, it seems weird to set up a whole room when we have no idea when she'll use it. So I think our bedroom will have our bed, a dresser, and her crib in there. Maybe that's a bit much? I bet our dresser would fit well in the closet. We really liked that system in Denver. All the clothes in the closet, all the time.

Late night posting = rambling about nonsense
Someday I'll think about big kid things again. Politics, religion, our purpose in life.

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