Saturday, June 6, 2009

Belly Button

I had two navel piercings for a while. The normal one that goes through the top, and a surface piercing that went horizontally under my belly button. The surface piercing never healed correctly (as they never do) so I took it out after just a few weeks or months. The regular piercing I had for a few years, and eventually took it out when my AmeriCorps BDU's rubbed it and drove me crazy.

Over the last few days, I've noticed a tightness in the skin at the top of my belly button. The top of my belly button, right where my piercing used to be, is super tight! It's stretched to the point of being shiny. I'm assuming the scar tissue just isn't stretching the way the rest of my skin is, but that simple explanation doesn't make it feel any less weird.

To add to the whole deal, as my belly is growing out and my button is getting shallower, I've noticed the hole that used to be inside my button is now facing frontward on top of it. Weird. It's like measurable evidence of my progress and growth.

I always knew belly buttons were weird, but I never knew how weird they could get!

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