Monday, June 8, 2009

First normal working day

Mirus worked today. Away from me all day! I worked at home. All day. It was weird, and a little boring. I'd forgotten how much less fun work is when you're not going in with someone you love, talking to awesome people, then leaving with someone you love. Maybe it'll be different when Nanook is around, but this just feels like boring old work.

Actually, I didn't even leave the house today. Blech.

Tomorrow we've got big plans. Big plans. It's our weekend!

For the record: dinner last night was BLT with a side of ham, cream cheese, and pickles, followed by banana bread with frosting. Lunch today was more ham, cream cheese, and pickles. I spent most of the day with my pants hiked up to keep them off Nanook's head, and my shirt tucked up under sweaty, floppy, swollen preggo boobs. Bring on the stereotype.

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