Sunday, June 7, 2009

First day of Garage Sales

My shoes fit at the beginning of the day. By the 'end' (around 3pm) I had swollen right out of my shoes. There's a band-aid on top to cover a blister (I keep them with me) and one on the back of each heel. Ah, swollen pregnant feet.

People in Fairbanks take their garage sales seriously. SERIOUSLY. Apparently, most garage sales run from Friday to Saturday (not Saturday to Sunday) and people show up early, really early, to take all the good baby stuff. Next week, I'm going to try working early Friday morning, hitting all the garage sales on my lunch, then working Friday night and Saturday morning (because Saturday morning is unavoidable) and then going to any Saturday only sales after work.

I don't want to let those other ladies take home my stuff!

We tried another church today. This one reminded me a lot of the church I went to in Lansing. A lot. Of course, it wasn't what Mirus wanted. Unfortunately, he and I tend to want very different things, at least when it comes to style. When it comes to substance, we tend to like very similar, very hard to find things. I suppose I've just assumed that we may not be able to find a church that teaches as deeply as L2 did/does. Someone once described their sermons as a weekly kick in the gut. I rather enjoy that. I like being pushed into really evaluated what I'm doing, and being boldly, unapologetically told that my best has NOT been good enough, and that I am absolutely called to do better today and tomorrow. I like the responsibility that the pastor placed on each of us, and I liked that I couldn't really hide from it. Maybe all pastors try to do that, but somehow he always succeeded.
I think he would explain it this way: He used to do church whether God showed up or not. He realized the problem involved and ended up completely revamping the entire church. Now, every service depends entirely on God.
I think it shows. I know when I'm there that God is working on me, on us. And I expect no less from any church I attend, though it's obvious (now that I'm paying attention) that God is working on different things in different churches. I would like to find a church working on what I want to work on, with a little divine intervention I'll find a church working on the things I need to be working on. With a little luck, I'll recognize it when I see it.

'Till then, I'll just download the podcasts from L2 and enjoy them vicariously. Maybe I'll put them on my Ipod so I can listen to them while I browse the garage sales!

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