Friday, June 19, 2009

Contemplating Social Rules

Is cursing in public still taboo? I realize we're not in a toy store or a specifically child oriented place, but doesn't an afternoon in a coffee shop call for a certain level of decorum? Maybe I'm a prude. Or maybe it's not prudish to expect that some words are simply more appropriate in a different context. Not yelled across a quiet coffee shop. Though, to the offender's credit, it is hard to sufficiently impress all those around you with your bohemian-ness without dropping a few F-bombs. How can you adequately express your contempt for society without the word fuck?

The closer I get to being a parent, the more strictly I'm judging parents around me. Finding faults in a tired, frustrated mom with a toddler is not something I should be spending my time on. Especially when I should be working. Like now. Hm.

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