Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Faulkner - Sanctuary

At some point I really need to learn to read a book at the pace it was meant to be read. Faulkner is not interested in creating a 30 minute drama. So, for the second time, I have finished something by Faulkner knowing that I missed all the good stuff, and that it's going to bug me until I go back and read it again, slowly.

The last time it was a short story. Reading it again only took a day or two. Maybe as I keep reading older, more involved texts I'll learn to slow down and take the book as it comes. I'm really excited about Thoreau, maybe I'll respect that work a bit more.

I'm like a child sometimes. I just fly through it trying to finish first. I want to get to the end and see how it all turned out but when I get there I realize I missed the whole story. I heard someone say something about reading the last page of a book first, so that if he/she died before he/she finished the book, he/she would already know how it ended. (I'm pretty sure this was a character on a TV show or movie or something) That may not be a bad idea for me. Maybe I'll read the last page to calm my anxiousness and then read the story.

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