Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Recap

I think I'm coming down with a cold. No bueno.

Got up very, very early to work this morning and was so tired I could cry. I was uncomfortable and tired and, for some unexplained reason, upset about the whole situation. So I asked Mirus to write for me and slept for 20 minutes. And it was perfect. I woke up, finished off my day and felt better. I still think I'm getting sick, but the day was at least bearable.

So then the hubby gets home from his first paid day of work and we decide to go out to dinner.

Today, I learned that I am too pregnant to safely pumice my feet in the shower. I didn't get hurt or anything, but it was certainly not one of my more graceful moments.

Speaking of pregnant, yesterday I was fascinated by my tight skin where I had a piercing, today I have a little stretch mark there. Those things come in FAST! So after my shower I oiled up with as much Vitamin E as I could stand and now I'm doing my best to just keep my stomach from splitting in half. Gotta keep her locked up in there for a little while longer.

She, however, may be trying to bust out. I'm not sure, but she does the strangest things. She is a small, small person with a limited range of motion and developmental limitations completely contained within my own person and I have no idea what she's doing. Possibly trying to run or bike, or maybe she's forcefully petting/stroking the inside of my uterus. Occasionally it feels as if she's petting something ribbed. What could be ribbed or bumpy? The placenta?? Briefly I considered bubbles of some sort, but she has no access to air. Her oxygen comes straight from me. Then, sometimes her movements are so very rhythmic. The movements I'm talking about are too distinct and too directional to be hiccups, but they're rhythmic and pounding. Maybe she's tap dancing, slowly and baby style? Maybe she's drumming along to her own little beat? She does seem to like music, and she responds both when I sing and when Mirus sings. The last unexplained movement feels just like when she has the hiccups, but SUPER FAST. They're drum rolls. I'm pretty sure of it.

I would like to crochet something like this for the baby to sleep in:

I think I'd do the opening along the bottom, with a flap that comes up and buttons. Maybe one day I'll have to skill to do sleeves, but I think I'll start without. It should be relatively simple. Start with a rectangle (that turns into the flap) then make a large circle (the bottom of the sleeper) and work my way up. When I get to the waist maybe I'll go back to working on just the side (maybe the front) and then when I have a square done (the front panel), I'll switch and work on the back. That one I'll make a square with flaps that come over the shoulders and button to the front. That sounds completely doable, though I'll need to track down some good yarn that I can work and re-work several times without it falling apart.

I bet I could make this pattern into a pretty cute present for my mama friends!

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