Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm getting bigger by the minute. Aaron actually mentioned today that I look more pregnant than I did yesterday. I wish the skin on my stomach could stretch a little faster, because right now everything is pushing up into my ribs and down near my hips and it hurts!

This Thursday is another prenatal appointment. It's strange to think that we're already at that point, but here we are. I had been waiting to do all of the birth prep stuff until after we got to Alaska and got settled, and now I'm not sure what I need to do! It's like I've forgotten everything that needs to get done. I know I need to buy a birth kit, but our midwives have those so that's easy. I need to find out exactly what's in there, but I'll probably add a few chux pads, a sitz bath, lots of extra towels. . . We also need to pick up the Bradley book. We wanted to take a class, but couldn't fit it in while we were in CO and no one teaches it here. I guess we'll have to study on our own. We need to pick up the crib and mattress, buy a carseat, pick up diapers (which are being sponsored by two of the most amazing people ever! And they were amazing before they bought us diapers, this just adds to their glow.), and after that we have everything we NEED. There are several things I would like, but nothing essential.

For some reason, being able to hear my neighbor's TV is making me really long for the History Channel. When we move on campus cable is included in the rent. I'm excited about that. It's funny though to feel excited about TV. I can't remember the last time we had anything more than just the local channels, and I've never cared, why do I suddenly want cable so badly? Maybe it's because I'm working from home and it's always so quiet.

Baby carrots up here are gross. I think they're frozen before or during being shipped up here. Yuck. Hopefully the farmer's market will start having some produce soon.

This would be a cool job. I wonder if you get paid by both your employer and these people?

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